Meguiars Car Detailing

The Brilliance of Meguiar’s Car Detailing History

Maguiars Car DetailingSince its humble beginnings in 1901, Meguiar’s has steadily built up shining reputation for themselves. They are highly regarded for their quality surface and car care products, as well as their steadfast commitment to their clients.

When Frank Meguiar, Jr began making bottles of furniture polish it is hard to imagine that he could have foreseen how successful his small venture would become. He started by making bottles of polish one at a time using an eggbeater, sometimes making enough products at night to enable him to buy food for this family the following day. Even in these early days, Frank was determined never to sell a product that he did not believe was the absolute best of its kind. Today the company still adheres to this dream and in doing so has created millions of satisfied clients, who cannot speak highly enough about the quality of Meguiar’s products.

When the first horseless carriage became available, Frank Meguiar’s turned his attention away from furniture and towards the automobile industry. This set the course for the company’s future.

Malcolm Meguiar and his two brothers took over from their father when he passed away in 1950, and they quickly set about growing the business even further. Malcolm created some of the products that are still marketed by the company today including the best-selling liquid car wax in America; Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax. Through their hard work and effective leadership the company continued to thrive.

More and more professional car dealers, detailers and custom painters were now using Meguiar’s polishes and waxes to create high gloss finishes. As car shows grew in popularity in the 1960’s the people attending them were recognizing the products amazing results. They began to pressure car dealerships to stock the Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze polishes and waxes. Due to the demand, Meguiar’s soon released its first range of automotive consumer products in 1973.

Barry Meguiar (Malcolm Meguiar’s son) has always been an active car collector and participant in this hobby. That is why today the company sponsors and staffs more than 100 car shows around the world that feature many types of collectibles such as vintage classics, hot rods, and exotic sports cars. Meguiar’s also supports more than 3,500 car club events every year, where you will also find the fine waxes and polishes being used to maintain the prized automobiles. It is this commitment to quality that ensures that Meguiar’s products still dominate in the car care industry 115 years later.

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